Sunday night movie in Waunakee – Money in Congress

GROW’s monthy movie night is Sunday, June 26. This month’s movie is The Best Government Money Can Buy? by veteran documentary film-maker, British-born Francis Megahy. He travels to Capitol Hill in Washington, making a journey of discovery as he tries to answer some questions which puzzle him: who provides the money? What effect does it have? How is it connected to the financing of political campaigns?  And most crucial, is it in the public interest?

THE BEST GOVERNMENT MONEY CAN BUY? explores the issue through interviews with real Washington beltway insiders, key participants in the process – who often speak with surprising candor.
Sunday night, June 28, 201 North Klein St., Waunakee, in the EMS Community Room.

MAY DAY event – Labor history speaker & Solidarity Sing-along

Join us for our annual May Day labor celebration. Spring Greeney (UW History) will speak on “From the Playboy Mansion to the College Football Fields: Lessons from the Unexpected Sites of Organizing in American Labor History”Greeney headshot web

PLUS – The Solidarity Singers!

Lucky’s Bar & Grille
1008 Quinn Dr, Waunakee
Food and drink from the menu

Sponsored in coordination with the Kiefer Law Office.

GROW Annual Open House & Party

Jeff SmithThe annual social event for Waunakee-area progressives! This year, we’ll enjoy the delicious barbecue menu at Blowin’ Smoke BBQ, for a fixed per-person cost of only $15, not including alcohol. Jeff Smith, former Eau Claire Assembly Representative, will speak about grassroots organizing in Wisconsin. His positive, can-do attitude is always energizing. Come and bring your friends!
It’s not a fund-raiser this year–just a PARTY!

Please do let us know if you’re coming–we need to give Blowin’ Smoke a rough head count by April 7.

Award winning documentary: Gerrymandering – Sunday Nov 22nd

Sunday night, 6PM–The Grassroots Organization of Waunakee is hosting a free showing of the award-winning documentary, Gerrymandering. We’ve got a serious fight coming to get redistricting reform in Wisconsin before 2020–a critical step in restoring our right to self-government. The information in this movie will provide us with good understanding and arguments for our letters to the editor, candidate’s forum questions, etc.

Please join us for this important movie and lively discussion on Sunday, November 22, 6PM, at the EMS Community Room at 201 North Klein in Waunakee.


GROW statement at Waunakee School District Annual Meeting

Waunakee Community School District Annual Meeting
October 19, 2015

The Grassroots Organization of Waunakee would like to ask everyone present to take a moment to appreciate the significance of what we—the community, the teachers, the parents, the school board members and staff—are doing here.
Try to think of something we do as a friends and neighbors in a community that comes close to the value and significance of public education. We cannot.
Even setting aside the obvious value to each child as he or she learns academic and social skills and about the world around them, the value of what we do through our public schools is incalculable. 
Public schools serve as the beating heart of each neighborhood, bringing many families together in common cause. They provide a meeting place for all in the community, regardless of income, ethnicity, political leanings, religious affiliation, or disability. No institution other than the public school performs that critical function of growing a cohesive community from our diversity. Public schools provide benefits to people without children, as they raise the overall level of skills, competence, and cohesiveness in a community.
While public education provides shared benefits, it also represents a shared responsibility. Public education means that local teachers, locally elected school boards and local citizens who participate in school operation and governance direct, oversee and uphold the academic standards, the values and methods of operation employed in our local schools.
And, of course, public education represents a shared investment. We willingly and wisely pay significant taxes to ensure our community is well-educated. But we know that this stream of revenue continuously exerts a powerful attraction for wealth-driven interests. We know there are many who want to privatize schools so they can reroute our tax dollars to private profits instead of using them exclusively for public good.
We stand behind public education, paid for by the people of this community, governed by people of this community, delivered by people of this community, and for the benefit of this community. We thank the school board, the teachers, the staff, and all the involved parents. We will always stand with you in the interests of public education.

Join us Sunday, Oct 11th at 6PM

College costs

If you buy groceries, you need to see this movie! Sunday night

Sunday night, September 27, the Grassroots Organization of Waunakee (GROW) will show the award-winning documentary “Food Chains,” an informative and uplifting story of an intrepid group of Florida farmworkers who formed a grassroots labor organization to partner with growers and retailers to improve working conditions for laborers in Florida’s tomato fields.

Following the movie, UW Professor Lydia Zepeda will provide comments and lead the discussion. She is a professor of consumer science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, specializing in sustainable consumption, organic and local food systems, consumer-supported agriculture, family farm labor, labor policy,  and other issues. 

6:00 PM, at the Waunakee EMS Community Room, 200 North Klein, just north of the post office in Waunakee. See you there!


Wisconsin’s air, water, land, trees, wildlife, and open spaces are valuable to everyone who lives here, breathes, and drinks. They are also valuable to businesses that use them. How do we make decisions about who gets to do what with or to our state? The Grassroots Organization of Waunakee (GROW) will host a conversation with George Meyer, former head of Wisconsin’s Department of Natural Resources, on Sunday, September 20 at Lucky’s Bar and Grill, 1008 Quinn Drive, Waunakee, 5-7 PM (finished in time for the game.) Meyer will speak and take questions regarding current issues in access to resources and conservation. Open to the public; no admission. Order food and drinks from the menu.

GROW member appointed to Police Committee

Concerned about police violence and eager to take a proactive approach to police/community relations in the Waunakee/Westport area, the GROW invited Waunakee Police Chief Kevin Plendl to spend an evening with the group. Discussion was honest, energetic, and productive: the participants say it was one of the best such discussion meetings they have ever had.

Among other things, Chief Plendl explained how very important the hiring procedure was in shaping a responsive, responsible police force and described the role of the village’s Police Committee in hiring.

At last week’s GROW meeting, member Nila Frye announced that she  had been appointed to that committee!  Congratulations, Nila!

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