We are blessed to have a diverse array of groups in the area. Find one that matches your passions and get involved!

South Central Grassroots Alliance
South Central Grassroots Alliance is a voluntary organization in which progressive grassroots groups in and around Wisconsin’s 2nd Congressional District work together to exchange ideas, to collaborate, and provide mutual support.

DeForest-Windsor Area Grassroots
Promotes progressive ideas, issues, candidates. Involvement at the community level is where we focus and then widen our range of interests and actions. Located in the northeast section of Dane county including parts of Vienna, Windsor and Burke townships.

Active McFarland
Active McFarland’s members have diverse talents, interests, and political opinions.

Sun Prairie Action Resource Coalition
Grassroots information and action network which supports and promotes local involvement to move Sun Prairie and Wisconsin forward.

Grassroots Citizens of Wisconsin
A network of engaged people in Southwest Wisconsin who through constructive dialogue and education foster informed, positive change at the local, regional and national levels. Includes Iowa, Sauk, Lafayette and Grant counties.

Wisconsin Grassroots Network
Encourages and connects over 70 community groups around the state that meet on a regular basis. The unifying goals of these groups are to increase government’s accountability to “We The People,” promote progressive ideals, and encourage people to have a positive effect on their communities.

Middleton Action Team
Supports progressive ideals and priorities; civic action, education and engagement on issues affecting our community, our region, state, nation & world; and community service projects that improve the quality of life.

Reedsburg Area Concerned Citizens
Standing up for Wisconsin’s valued traditions: education, health care, socials services, working people’s rights, the Arts, and the environment.

League of Women Voters of Dane County
An organization of women and men that is non-partisan, community-based and organized at the local, state and national levels. Its goals for the 21st century include a renewed commitment to: Reconnecting citizens with government; Enhancing voter participation; Including all voices in civic life; Strengthening the democratic process through reform.

The Madison Institute
The Madison Institute was established (1) to examine and discuss the problems of our time, with a view toward extending democratic principles and promoting social and economic justice; (2) to sponsor programs, such as discussion groups, lectures, panels, forums and symposiums; and (3) to collect, create, and disseminate information about public policy issues.

Grass Roots North Shore
Progressive voice of Milwaukee’s north shore communities.

Madtown O’s
Closely tied to the Democratic Party and OFA, in mission and activities.

Oregon Area Progressives
Builds and strengthen the grassroots organization by educating and empowering people to act on local, state, and national issues. “Let’s make America work for everyone”

SouthWest Wisconsin Area Progressives
Local democracy-in-action group advocating progressive government policies that work for a sustainable future.

United Fitchburg
Advances progressive political causes in the city of Fitchburg.

Forward Institute
A non-partisan, non-profit progressive think tank for public policy issues in Wisconsin. The Institute combines original, government, and academic research with original message and communication methods to educate and inform the public on critical progressive policies.

Wisconsin Business Alliance
You and your business deserve a voice at the State Capitol. We work for you to improve Wisconsin’s business climate while protecting our quality of life.

Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice
Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice facilitates activities, cooperation and communication among Wisconsin organizations and individuals working toward the creation of a sustainable world, free from violence and injustice.

Middle Wisconsin
Middle Wisconsin Community Network promotes: Fairness, Respect and Community Good.

Veterans For Peace
Veterans For Peace is a national non-profit 501(c)(3) educational and humanitarian organization dedicated to the abolition of war.

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