Guiding Principles

The following guiding principles should always be considered a draft, a work in progress.

  • Government should serve all people equally.
  • We encourage the broadest participation in self-government.
  • Government itself is not bad and we do not fear its size.  Government size should be determined by what services people want, not by what taxes people want to pay.
  • We don’t mind paying taxes if those taxes are fair and well-used to strengthen our communities and improve the quality of life for people.  The tax system should be graduated to collect less from those with low income and more from those with high income.
  • Government should take a long range (more than one generation) view of the economy, environment and common good through policies, regulation, taxation and treaties.
  • We support an economic model of capitalism that enables entrepreneurship and fair competition.  Large corporations, by their size, have a competitive advantage, therefore laws should not provide them with additional tax breaks, credits or political influence.
  • Corporations are not people.
  • We believe the privatization of public services is rarely in the best interest of the public, but rather a way to make a few people very rich.  A little bit of government inefficiency is less costly than the added overhead of executive salaries and stockholder profits which accompany privatization.
  • We believe in limited welfare programs for the poor, disabled, elderly and temporarily unemployed,
  • We believe there should be no welfare program for corporations under any circumstance.
  • We believe in improving the delivery of health care and reducing the total cost.  Many other countries spend less per person on health care and have better outcomes.
  • We are not afraid to consider what other countries have done.
  • Federal government should provide continuity of education systems between the states.  Public education is not specifically mentioned in the constitution, however the founders recognized its importance in other writings.
  • We do not assume that being the largest economy in  the world makes us the greatest nation.  We will promote the use of other measurements to gauge our country.

Each one of the above principles could generate extensive proposals, research and debate.  Hot topics and issues that will be addressed are determined by the number and energy of our members.

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