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GrassRoots Organization of Waunakee is a group of progressive citizens residing in Waunakee and nearby communities.

As progressive citizens, we believe that regular folks like ourselves and our neighbors are the bedrock of American civic life. Self-governing citizens create government to, as our Constitution says, “promote the general welfare and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.” We don’t care as much about the size of our government as we care about whether it is well-run and responsive to citizens’ needs and concerns. We don’t mind paying taxes if we can see that they are put to good use. We believe our government should be open, honest, and clean and that our election laws should promote the broadest possible participation of all citizens. We believe our government should promote an economy that produces a just and sustainable distribution of wealth and provides all citizens, rich and poor, with equal opportunity for achievement and success. We are vigorously opposed to allowing global corporations, which have no love for our country or stake in our communities, to have more influence over our governments that we and our neighbors do. (More about our Guiding Principles.)

As a grassroots organization, we educate each other about issues affecting our community, share ideas and opinions, and join together to take action to make sure our government is responsive to our needs. We organize and participate in educational events, such as movies, teach-ins, or discussions; have social get-togethers; and support each other in promoting progressive initiatives and progressive candidates, without regard to party affiliation.

GROW is not a part of any larger organization, political party, or special-interest group. We take no funding or direction from any party or other group, although we may work with them or lend them our support on specific issues or projects that agree with our values.

GROW has no paid positions–everything is done by volunteers–and members pay no dues. Find out more about how to Connect with GROW.

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