May 19th Jackson Landing Walk & GROW Social Event

Jim Stephenson will guide our nature walk at Jackson Landing. He will
explain its history, local conservation and restoration work. Learn why
preserving this and other Westport/Waunakee conservation areas is important and how to help. For the walk meet at the Jackson Landing Conservancy Park Shelter – Town of Westport at 5:30 (near the Willows Tavern off CTH M)

Join us for good food and conversation at Athens Grill (6:30+). We will have handouts on other local conservation areas and an update on Friends of Six Mile Creek cleanup efforts.

All are Welcome! Organized by GROW (Grassroot Organization of Waunakee/Westport). This is our annual Earth Day Event, a bit delayed (but so is spring). To learn about future events and activities please check out GROW’s Facebook Page:

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